Wednesday, February 22, 2017

At last the deportations

I know, I know. They say, the deportations
won't do me a bit of good. They'll do noth-
ing to enhance my place in society; if any-
thing, they warn, I won't have an unsympath-
etic target for my rages, anymore. But what
they do achieve, is proving I am strong. If
I may be irrational, I might feel no better,
but my rage will know no limit.


  1. "if anything, they warn, I won't have an unsympathetic target for my rages, anymore."

    Did they forget the T in LGBT or something ( Give these men time, I say. Four years is too long for them not to recall their ancient malice for the first three letters. Then what will Betsy DeVos do?

    1. Bannon confessed at CPAC yesterday that we're in for another relentless season of casuistry from the Originalist handbook, a collage of radically desperate "theories" excusing malicious exploitation on the financial side, and exploitive malice on the social side. His client hasn't the foggiest idea what he's doing or saying, not that this is a defense, only a warning. Bannon does know, Ryan knows, and if even Betsy de Vos gets it, that's a very fragile secret.

    2. Oh, God. Ryan. Isn't he just the worst? Bannon at least believes in his casuistry. Ryan is just spineless. I swear I can't even look at him on TV these days without screaming obscenities. And I went to divinity school!

    3. Divinity school's as sound a laboratory for the study of rhetoric as any six traffic jams you can name. But I think I differ with you in part about Ryan, and I wouldn't mention it, but it's relevant to stifling him. I think he is our Cassius, svelte, but party to any conspiracy that can advance his ambition. Not spineless, so much as utterly cynical.

    4. A misreading of Virgil on my part. "Fortune favors the bold," he wrote. The spineless who are bold enough, anyway, I couldn't help but read these days, after seeing bad things happen to good people. But I happily concede, you are right on that point ( Thank you.

    5. Felix qui potuit rerunt cognoscere causas, I have always thought, suggested "blessed is he who knows the causes of things." Nothing to concede, dear Reader, where learning is still going on, and dancing, on the steps of the museum.

    6. "Spe salvi facti sumus." Not for me whispers of fear ( "Ait sanctus Paulus Romanis et nobis quoque" ( Not when Zach's just reassured me with Nathaniel Perry (, hugs and kisses, and John Ashbery ( Indeed, certainly not when .

      My journal entry exactly a week after the great travesty of 2016. As the kids might say these days, hashtag "dancing, on the steps of the museum"; hashtag "blessed". Thank you, again, for your public service and private hospitality, dear Laurent. I wish you a most sane and serene weekend, since I'm not quite sure a lovely one is possible anymore. x