Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The long-simmering struggle with Sweden

The cruel unfairness of it is what hurts,
of course. It goes without saying, our
Great Innocent can endure this latest in
humanity's inhospitable greeting of his
incomparable triumph; but that pathetic,
little Sweden, should connive with domes-
tic media to refuse his anguished sympathy
for the present trial by ordeal of immig-
ration now so straining such sweet blond-
ness, is almost too much for his generous
soul to bear, without a rousing chorus of
the nativists among us, to denounce stu-
pidity in the face of unbaptized hordes.

Long? O my, how long has this schism on
the sanctity of blondness clawed at the
genius of our Great Innocent, to erupt 
in fury at the foul, malcolored tide in
its social climate-changing diaspora,
idly welcomed in the very citadel of
such fairness of complexion, as to try
the patience of his neurotic tastes, 
and expose his whole ascendancy to the
impertinent indifference of humanity?

It gives the appearance of a world,
going on, as if his triumph were a
nullity. Upon whom would anyone ever
wish this, as everyone is watching?

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