Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Origins of Wednesday li: Displacements, ubiquitous

Ghoulish humor in particular
provided ways of starting to
assimilate the enormity of
what was happening without
fully accepting it as fact.
With flippant remarks, peo-
ple could try to displace
fact into the realm of the
absurd, without quite dis-
pelling their own profound

As a proud result of his incontinent
tour of Wahabi palaces and European
councils, the American President's
conduct abroad has resulted in his
nation's summary dismissal from the
Atlantic alliance of which it was a
founding architect, in his own life-
time. Two generations of prodigious,
if not prodigal sacrifice, pissed a-
way by blandishments of blackmail no
one was buying, a reversal of rôles
so diametric as to vindicate Hegel.
His art of the dull, that pulp comic,
has been exposed for what it is: o-
verreaching, untrustworthy, and bank-
rupt to the vacant core of its being.
Elsewhere, from the conservation of
the planet to the guardianship of dig-
nity, itself, his torch of vengeance
on life's worth ignites its inferno.

Now we have a sitcom to which human-
ity has turned to make light of the
facts of abysmal rot at the pinnacle
of the American government. Boys are
joking in their showers, of how many
aliens we have rendered into soap, as
the stench of shame gushing from the
White House drenches every nostril in
these borders. The people fervently
only to find how meaningless we are.

This cannot go on, the PTA of the
media say, and will stop as soon
as the Republicans have bled the
Treasury dry for their donors. No
one who's read his Tacitus is buy-
ing into that, until the gorging
horde have raped this House apart,
and fed their priests our hearts.
By the time we're given an elec-
tion, they will welcome us to it.

Nicholas Stargardt
The German War
  The Shared Secret
The Bodley Head, 2015©

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