Thursday, June 1, 2017

Narcissistic foreplay

Don't we all just love it:
the American President's re-
ite (last exhibited by his
Manila), is being brought
to bear upon his oft-bruited
promise of a grand decision,
with characteristic decisive-
ness, regarding his African-
American predecessor's sig-
nal foreign policy triumph.

Like all such benchmarks of
sobriety and progress, he
thrills in protracting an
animus without, in the event,
achieving quite the shred-
ding that he promises his
interesting adherents. Will
now, on their behalf, they've
lacked since his investiture?

He's given himself a toy he
must break, called suspense.
But will he lose his racial
bogeyman, by unwonted deed?
And without that trusted pet,
would he not stand alone?

Nick Mutolo

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