Thursday, July 19, 2018

All day permanent red

 If this were a real world, the White
 House would have taken on the profile
 of the ramparts of Troy by now, and
 our immersion in all day permanent red
 would be understood as linking mortals
 in a 24 hour aggression emerging from
 its Fox News-scripted forays against
 Humanist disbelief. What began life as
 a campaign for a Revlon lipstick, and
 migrated to the Iliad on the inspired
 arm of Christopher Logue's translation,
 has fetched its fangs into the neck of
 NATO yet again, this time in the win-
 some hypothesis of the stooge Tucker
 Carlson, of having to come to the aid
 of Montenegro. All day permanent red's
 fronts were many yesterday, in its un-
 deviating tactic of spilling too much
 effluent to congeal in a single spot, 
 with a hectoring Press Secretary's de-
 nials that "No" means what it sounds
 like, and her Boss's assurance that 
 support from a hostile state for the
 tactics he adopted to come to power 
 was, lest we'd forgotten, documented, 
 yet magically unbelievable, and even
 comparatively innocuous, to boot.

 The poet Anne Carson, often cited here
 for an exemplary rapport with thinking,
 has admitted, Sometimes I dream a sen-
 tence and write it down. It's usually
 nonsense, but sometimes it seems a key
 to another world. It helps one to sur-
 mount the shock of all day permanent red
 nonsense from the White House, to recog-
 nize its impeachable, if human quality.

 We see a cloistered, indignant people,
 spellbound in another world, and a host
 determined to cast the broadest pool of
 of martyrdom, with rapture's nonsense.
 Troy had its Priam. It didn't go well.

i    Doug Inglish, photo
ii   Farce, Fox News
iii  Witness, The New York Times

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