Monday, July 16, 2018

Baguettier insouciant, parlez-vous?

I wouldn't go so far as to say,
nominations are closed, to des-
ignate proof of country of ori-
gin, for the couple in apparent
flight, in this hundredth or so
viewing of their progress. That
said, I don't think the dubious
pedaling technique could satis-
fy demand for "Papers, please."

In Saturday's entry, a distinc-
tion was suggested, between pol-
itical taxonomy and existential
or anthropological citizenship.
I suggest it again, but rather,
this picture does: if one seeks
something to celebrate in the
one, you get papers. In the oth-
er, aromas. An almost unobtain-
able North Carolinian voter ID
card, or a ubiquitous baguette, 
for the republic of freshness.

Elliott Erwitt

George Gershwin
Ira Gershwin
Nice Work if You 
  Can Get It

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