Friday, July 20, 2018

Analytics tell of bots

red mug, blue linen, a blog
you are reading, is enjoying
another siege of aggressive
bots, splattering this week,
as sometimes happens in this
mode of communication, wheth-
er or not the news be merry.

I don't particularly object 
to this, apart from a tran-
sitory suppression of real-
time distribution to loyal
readership markets, because
the blog is both a vehicle
of recurring greeting, and
a semi-permanent database.

These surfs tend to subside;
as I suggested, this is not
the first. Then the patterns
of stable readership return;
thus, this is a posting less
of umbrage than of gratitude.


  1. I look to your column each day. Keep going and Thank You.

    1. Very nice to know. At the same time, I'd always rather see what I'd like to read, not what one needs to say. Here's to Summer.