Saturday, December 1, 2018

Saturday commute clx: Thunderbird days

Wistfulness for the decline in toys,
from one generation to the next, fol-
lows so well the trajectory of Thun-
derbirds that eventually the manufac-
turer felt compelled to issue a reviv-
al of the original's profile, albeit
heavily laden with extraneous amenity
and oppressive adjustments for safety.

The arrival of December can always be
counted on to stir nightmares of itchy
trousers and interminable devotional
silences, in our house at least; so if
an instant bares itself for celebration,
it is likely to be out of bounds, away
from traffic of every kind, with a
grateful dash into consoling distance.

I realize, one is expected to defer to
the taste for shorter sentences, shaped
by the extraneous and compulsory enter-
tainments of our current toys; but some
of us have never lost our distaste for
itchy pants, and devotional longueurs.
We love a time of not being followed,
our discovery of admiration at stake.

Miles Davis 
Columbia Studios

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