Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dona nobis waistline

a birth in bits

I have commented before, on the tumblr style. I'm put in mind of Bernard MacLaverty's description of the fate of calves in the ab-batoire in Cal, his unforgettable novel and film set in Ireland - Helen Mirren capturing her first acknowledgment at Cannes. For a blogger playing with rocks, the tumblr mode, also experimented in by two enormously generous blogging friends of this page, is a venue of Jungian riches and Socratic prods akin to a lecture series without benefit of preceptorials. Yet, cumulatively, I suspect that the tumblr world projects that city of coffee pursued here, with intuit-ive genius. I am not brave enough to present testimony without parol evidence - as Valéry Lorenzo does, most of the time - but I feel I have a fine jury there; and I thank those jurors and those effusive sources for their gift of disinterestedness. 

Bernard MacLaverty
Blackstaff Press, 1983©


  1. Hello:
    We were not until now aware that there was a film of 'Cal'; the book, as you remark, contains some very powerful imagery, not least of the abbatoir.

  2. witty!!!!i cannot wait to rise, sip java and scour the perc oops your blog to enhance my vocab through the links.....i love coming here. i need tips to make my tumblr less attractive to pedos but more tasteful i guess. i have a zillion followers but 2/3 are porno peeps....help!!

  3. Dear Jane and Lance, the movie is gorgeous. I have not watched it in some years but possess a tape; you move me to revisit it soon.

  4. Dear Tomas, as perhaps you know, by referral through the mirror portrait of today, you guided me to this portrait. I wouldn't worry about the plateau of taste in which you operate (forgive the contraction); and look at the argument here: perhaps the peeps will rise, they can not sink you.

  5. How did you know, that I love this portrait ?!

  6. It's in the present indicative, and I like what the Parliament of Canada says about it, Section 10 of the Interpretation Act -- "The law shall be considered as always speaking, and ... shall be applied to the circumstances as they arise."

    My friend, it's in a tense and a mood from your own playbook. Why do we love you, so?

  7. I must be a case of "jurisprudence" ...
    Reverso ("half" blind cat) and google translation (fox lame), are both my friends when I get changed into a donkey !
    Thank you very much
    It is mutual.