Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A letter home

We forget nothing

Things we are trying to tell you, past your fears. Things we want you to know because we love you: just like all the gentle things, the safe and the good things, you wanted for us, because you wanted them still. We know where this caring comes from in you, this desire. We have gone there, and you were right.

It's in the ground of all of us. It's OK.

You see the provocateur, and you think, he leads us. No, no. You do, with your cour-age; the sweet, open courage of your wanting.

Bob Dylan
  I was young 
  when I left home
No Direction Home
Sony Music, 2006©

i, liber scriptus


  1. Cheers Laurent,
    I didn't understand your comment!??
    'Inscreamingsufferably hilarious picture; and you are worried about 'pedos'? :)!

  2. Please see the entry for the following day.