Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday commute xxix: if I consult a face

If I consult a face, as we were lately reminded by Montaigne's question of play with his cat, how shall I know that what I see is not consulting mine? Morever, what shall I be looking for: what I find, or what I seek? If what I see is what I sought, what becomes of what I didn't find?


Thus must I look
for what I find.

Unless I desire
to walk in sleep,
misperceive, mis-
judge, misuse; 

Now, what is it,
this Tea Party
feigns to see?

A world where the poor 
are taxed for the rich
where justice is 
Calvinist dogma
where quite a lot less 
than all retain a place.

At long last this rabid mink indecency is campaigning by confession, one decayed bicuspid at a time.
Call for 
a vote 
on that.


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