Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oh, I can see it will be another withering Wednesday

You mean, he just doesn't know

who to fight.

"The envelope halves,"
Mr Ashbery. That was

Montgomery Clift 
  to Walter Brennan
Howard Hawks, director
Borden Chase, screenplay
Charles K. Feldman, producer©
Red River

John Ashbery
The One Thing ..
op. cit.

Mark Rothko
Canvas for the Seagram Building
Gift to the Tate Gallery

liber scriptus


  1. And so we will wither with Mr. Montgomery.

  2. "Withering," Dink, had a sardonic inclination behind it from the start, originally to do with the scorn to be expected for yet another presentation of a witness of the gadfly character of the 1st part, and then 3 witnesses of the 2nd part on the theme of a man, torn, as in envelope halves, or in Rothko, or in the notorious case of the paranoid Dunson in "Red River."

    I can see now that this little salient lost its way, but greatly to its advantage as it turned out, to have drawn your kind attention. All that remains to be established is who Mr Montgomery is, and whether any withering is likely. I'd not bet on it.