Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ambiguity is an epithet

And usually off the
mark. It's an allu-
sion to a deferred
choice between two
possibilities. In-
stinctively, we re-
coil from ambiguity,
not with impatience,
but dissatisfaction. 
Its binary predicate
is inherently dogmat-
ic; it has nothing
to do with seeing,
nothing to do with
being, and degrades
a mind by coercion,
to adopt its habits.

I like the first 
photograph. The
flow of the white,
the black plinth,
belong to dynamics,
not dichotomy. Be-
low, the regularity
in the stitching is
offset, not opposed,
by natural symmetry,
articulately recep-
tive. Liquidity is

Is this fashion, or
is it freshening by
possibility? Is taste
craft and play be our
are there fairer hab-

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