Friday, August 9, 2013

Suppose it were Friday lxxiv: would one be there for it

He knows better than
anyone how to use the
apparent nonchalance
of true strength to
give an impression of
drifting, and advances
with a half-open eye.

  And if one'd heard
  Orson Welles, what

              Had they given birth to
              an ordinary child, they
              would in any case have
              provided him with that
              refined liberal education
              in which the precocity 
              of the young prodigy was
              given the power to explode. 

i    Jean Cocteau 
       on Welles, in

ii  André Bazin
     Orson Welles
       A Critical View
    Foreword by François Truffaut
    Les Éditions du Cerf, 1972©
    Harper & Row, 1978©

André Kertész, archer, undated

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