Sunday, August 4, 2013

Dans le pays d'un homme condamné

Robert Bresson took his place
at age 82 before the press at
the film festival at Cannes,
where he shared the Palme
d'Or with Andrei Tarkovsky.
The first question to reach
him came from a woman uniden-
tified in any report; it can
still be heard on film:

I did not understand exactly
why the wife of Yvon leaves

Montaigne and Pascal, Racine
and Chaderlos, gave an answer
I wonder if I could phrase if
I were ever to attain his age:

   Je n'ai pas compris non plus.
   La femme non plus. Personne
   n'a compris. Il ne s'agit pas
   de comprendre. Il s'agit de
   Ce n'est pas la même chose.

I did not understand,
either. The wife did not.
No one did. It is not a
question of understand-
ing. It is a question of
feeling. This is not 
exactly the same thing.

Robert Bresson

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