Thursday, July 10, 2014

A cousinly contest crowns the Cup

  Little could require less
  thematic development than
  the impression we must all
  be under, to a degree, of
  déja vu in a sentence link-
  ing Germany and Argentina
  in a species of organized
  masculine struggle. There
  are positive suggestions
  to extract, we're likely
  to find, in this interest-
  ingly incestuous match;
  and the central one seems
  to be, that it may be time
  to disassociate the illu-
  sion of sport from any res-
  idues of the nation state.
  To tie teams to a political
  entity has never been sport-
  ing; and to burden States with
  the fickleness of teams, can     be incontinently cruel.

In Milan, of late, our coutur-iers have reminded us that we can still color-code our sportsmen along nationally nostalgic lines, without having to hoist any society's 
self-regard on the bounce of a single ball. We, for our part, have unconditional confidence 
in the justice of such a bounce, but would be just as glad to see its genius for caprice not sug-gesting a political consequence. True, this would reverse millen-nia of corruption of chance, but why not?
Everyone can get behind a color
scheme of his taste, moreover,
without having to justify it 
as, That is Rhenish, That is
Patagonian. Let the sentiments
of place mingle freely without

ii   Linus Wördemann
iii  Sam Alexander

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