Monday, July 7, 2014

Clear thinking from Newport

I have this information
from the back pages of
the magazine published
given that name, for Ap-
ril of this year. Also,
I give credit to that
likeliest resort for en-
countering it, the Emer-
gency waiting room of
the University hospital
down the road. (Nothing
important, just a nui-
sance falling between
the cracks of my inter-
nist's expertise. I'm
never ungrateful to my
insurer, either, for
subsidizing my studies).

It seems there is to be
a launch this Summer of
a steel-hulled replica
of a Royal Navy warship,
ca 1812. Some Canadians
had this idea, and were
succeeded in interest by
a local consortium, who
are just cheeky enough to
christen her for the Amer-
ican who captured the or-
iginal. The magazine calls
this an irony, but it isn't
that serious; it's just a
jab in the ribs. But the
great news is an iron rule
evidently already laid down
by her Captain: there are 
to be no cellular telephones.

A ship is very immediate, he
is reported to have said. You
need to be in the moment, and
there aren't a lot of opportu-
nities like this in the way
our culture has evolved.

We don't know the country of
domicile of this Captain, but
one should hate to think he's
Canadian. There needs to be a
place for normal life, nearby.

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