Saturday, July 12, 2014

What can be done, once it's up?

I've been thrown off track
this morning, with all the
usual fanfare - unexpected-
ly, violently, disturbing-
ly for openers - by a sud-
den surge in a riddle I've
long believed I could hold
in check.

  Is there a place, would you know,
  where architects can go, to atone
  for what they do?

  What can be done when it's built? 

You remember, I think, how our interesting 
nation was once led by an entertainer Pres-
ident who believed an intercontinental bal-
listic missile could be recalled in flight.
Great enchantment suffused us all, to fan-
cy any lunacy he encouraged us to indulge,
such as, radical Israeli "settling" is no
more than a reversible bargaining chip. It
suggests, some clod had erected black bar-
rier walls in a beachfront villa, seques-
tering and ceremonialising sex, as if any
finite confine would do; and thereafter,
kept on building the damn thing, for rea-
sons too familiar for remark. Mr Polk de-
sired the better part of Mexico, and here
we are. Trying to digest Mexico. Poor Is-
rael, has a whole lot of children to eat.

Jonathan Swift
A Modest Proposal


  1. the hope is it gets up-faulty design down to its core. it beyond destruction can stop it, (it can take such a brief time to build) pgt

  2. I somehow sense the Dean is at the bottom of this jest.