Thursday, February 19, 2015

Et les gants?

    The Ferrers
    Rome, 1958.


  1. oddly enough I just saw this on pinterest and of course I too-love the glove. she may be the consistently most elegant woman of the 20th c.

    1. I should like to carry you back, if I may, to a posting I felt inspired by you to create (and attributed in those terms), of this figure, smiling with a piglet under her arm, and again, nuzzling her English Cocker Spaniel, a breed cited here widely as An English Dog. She was invoked to lend loveliness to a recital from Henry James' "The Portrait of a Lady." For me this posting was full only of happiness, although we know the larger stories, of Isabel Archer's life and hers. It was fitting, delightful, charming, and everlastingly easy on the eyes, that she deserved the assessment you give here. I think her portrait with Givenchy in a walk by the Seine, exploited cryptically here, is very moving. But I discovered her when I was a child, within a year of the portrait given here, so you will certainly understand, for an innocent, she would first have been adorable. Possibly we never relinquish such people, lest we decline.

  2. I hope we never give them up... thank you for the reminder. pgt