Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday resolutions we are given

  One more smoo-
  thie an' I 


Over the weekend -
this weekend, with
something like a
year before the
first time a vote
may be cast in the
designation of a
candidate for the
nation's Presidency -
the papers reported,
by way of informing
voters of the win-
ner, that dynastic
advantages in money-
grubbing had reached
a prohibitive tipping
point. The fix is in.

So, OK, there's one;
there's a guy in the
street. Ask him. Go 
on. Ask him, how does
it feel, for a pushy
little autocrat whose
father held a job of
trust, to be given it
because he expects it.

How does it feel, ask
him, to be on his own,
a complete unknown, in
this corporation ser-
vice state, with no
direction home.

Ask him, if that's how
he understands legit-
imacy. Don't be shy,
this land is his land,
as if a rolling stone.

A world is going to
wonder, which isn't
subject to our pol-
itical narcosis, not
just how one family
could so degrade our
Court and our core
principles, but how
any country could
so mutilate itself.

What is his answer?

Bob Dylan
Like a Rolling Stone
Special Rider Music, 1993©

Woody Guthrie
  adaptation, Irving Berlin
This Land is Your Land
Woody Guthrie, 1945©

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