Monday, February 16, 2015

Well, that was quick

 Scrolling through our  devices this month,  we've already been    flummoxed to find our    Mitt, retracting a    recent tease, despite    much heralding of his    commitment. It's not as  if anyone had been    watching. Could it be,  our boy'd done some-  thin' rash? Cui bono?

Now hail we the entrance of the natty-noggined dauphin, upon that yielding carpet of State whereon he gamboled so, in hustling his father's retainers hither and yon, on his endearing, character-building tasks. Now the glare of much publicity must galvanise our Press, to scrutinise his gestures in ignoring the true jest.

Do you think he'll tweak his sternum as so many of us do, in crossing arms 'neath much alarm, our charms are very few? It's a little JFK, we'd say, and not the gladdest thing to do. So shall he run naïvely, as the lad without a clue, or heatedly and peevely, as his family taught him to?

Bobby Darin
Mack the Knife
  adaptation, Brecht and Weill
Warner/Chappell Music, 1959©

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