Friday, February 20, 2015

The language part

  I sometimes think, I know
  I sometimes thought, that
  if we could just get past
  the language part, we all
  could then move on to the
  real thing. I remember, I
  thought it were the point
  of language, to carry the
  load, domesticated as the
  donkey that it is.

  But, we don't all move at
  once, and so I was wrong.

  Two friends go to the sea
  and one sends this. I was
  the friend of both, and I
  hope I still am. But I am
  beholden to the one whose
  texts are slower to come.

  Slow words. Remind me, of
  of the dignity that isn't
  the donkey's; the feeling
  of being unsure.

Rik Slabbinck
Tim Schuhmacher


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