Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Yes, I see

  We don't have any
  opening just now.

      I'm not here for
      what you have; I
      am here for what
      I've fairly won. 

             In 2008, we had a "change election"
             which took remarkable hold, against
             the very most vulgar resistance. It
             goes on, in both Parties; but it is
             the one whose property it is, we do
             rush to invigorate with its origins.

             It's trusteeship. Now a Clinton has
             promised the Brookings Institution,
             she will contrive to bind all Pres-
             idents who may follow her pending
             reign, to warfare against Iran for
             hypotheticals which may worry her.

             Ignoring the vessel of the promise,
             it's the thought that counts. She
             has assimilated nothing of the ge-
             nius of a cause, of which she now
             claims to be a prudent parent.

             This is not the Constitution, much
             less the civilisation, one should
             wish upon a kennel for one's dogs.
             Even the Pavlovian reflex requires
             actual provocation, to go to war;
             but is that species our baseline?

             The principles of an honest intel-
             lect cannot be blackmailed again,
             by warnings of doom from that sec-
             tor's messenger, even if familiar,
             admonishing us to get to bed, and
             not expect a candidacy of reason.

             To no one's great awe, The Post
             has trotted forward Ignatius and
             Marcus, to intone that her belli-
             cosity's exactly the right basis
             for further discussion. An imper-
             ious consensus, if not a new one.
             How tiresomely they mime what we
             rejected decisively, in 2008.

             Oh, yes. They will warn of a cor-
             rupting of the Courts, a lowering
             of obligations among the well-to-
             do, a curdling in béarnaise. Let
             there be the trials we've endured,
             and learned to master, before any
             taunting to renounce our progress.

             Who caused it? Who'd preserve it?

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