Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A straw for me

  It's mystifying, to one of their
  contemporaries, how commentators
  in the media, even of careers as
  long as theirs, remark on a hol-
  lowing out of Bill Clinton, with
  a leaner diet, resulting from
  cardiac surgeries. They confuse
  horsepower with displacement, a
  rust-belt comprehension fueled,
  I fear, by imagery in which the
  work they do, is steeped in bias.

  I remark, if only to myself, on
  the supercharging power of ref-
  lection, in the continuum he dia-
  grammed in Philadelphia. The dif-
  ference between speculation and
  testament seems forgotten by our
  sages, dieting on commercials. At
  the same time, Donald Trump had
  been prescient to warn, the Dem-
  ocratic Party would trot out a
  candidacy of tired antiquity. I
  see just straw against his wind,
  and nothing he can do about it.


Robert Frank
US 90, Texas, 
  outside Del Rio

Keith Carter
(American, b. 1948)
Lost dog

A straw each

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