Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Arrest him

    A political figure has called for
    the laws to be enforced, even as
    he insists that he, alone, could
    do it. He has also called upon a
    foreign government to subvert the
    Constitutional rights of American
    citizens under the First, Fourth,
    and Fifth Amendments, and to con-
    duct espionage against our govern-
    ment. He, alone, has ever gone so
    far to tempt us to ignore our law
    by unpardonable intimidation. Let
    us call that hand, and arrest him
    now, before his enjoyment becomes
    too expensive for his remaining
    years to remit behind bars. If he
    would like to shield himself by
    the Constitutional instruments he
    despises, let him thrill himself
    in Federal District Court, before
    a Judge assigned by customary ro-
    tation, to administer due process.

    Meanwhile, as is obvious at last,
    the Party which would shield him
    from this benighted day forward,
    with its nomination to an office
    which might shelter him temporar-
    ily, is nothing more than a crim-
    inal conspiracy, awaiting indict-
    ment throughout the court system.
    But he has offered his muggers,
    their attorney's fees. Let him
    do no less for Ryan, McConnell,
    and poor, phobic, dim Mike Pence.

Ethan James


  1. Arrest him? Perhaps for criminal intent. Middle-Class-Joe just came up with four words that may be equally effective: Not-A-Clue-Trump