Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States

Let us be obvious. In the election
anticipated for this November, we
Americans are faced with a choice
of mentalities.

On the one hand, we are offered a
brilliant political innovator, of
demonstrably acute sensitivity to
the fissures in society, as aper-
tures so vulnerable to his mind
as, impressively, to reflect it. 
It would have been incongruous of 
Milton to portray his vision's
Satan with any lesser appreciation. 
Distinctions, at this elevation, 
are outrageous. He does do credit 
to the cult of Cohn, his name a 
a sizzling bonfire on his stage. 
He struts, he barks, he spits.

On the other, we rediscover an al-
most comical figure from Twain, a
goose of so many merry nestings as
to shift our gaze to her, from the
ganders' exploitation. Say what
you likely never will, to laud her
indefatigability, hers is a men-
tality responsive to stimuli, too
often alleged to be in her control.
This distinguishes her dialectical-
ly, from an infant seized internal-
ly, proud of his vicissitudes. A
hapless but transparent cheat, she
doesn't have to be. It just suits 

This has always been a negligent,
if not also the most distracting
of complaints about her condition-
al commitments. Those of us who
have sought in vain for a thing
that she believes, simply must
allow, she hasn't seen it yet.
But she is to our barnyard, the 
doyenne of its devices. 

Yet, look at it. Where are the de-
mons of mimetic madness, the spec-
tral interferences of evils hatch-
ed in puerile self-absorption, spun
for us by a vision of itself? These
she too faithfully ignores, having
heard it all. We are offered the
difference between a willed chaos
and a seasoned comprehension of an
order where even it belongs. An or-
dinariness in sanity is in plain

What an idiotic affectation is a
doubt of which is right. We shall
be fortunate, to get the govern-
ment we deserve. Possibly, we may
muddle through with it.

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