Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Origins of Wednesday xxxiv: Sommeliers for greatness

I don't know. Which are the
parts that you like the best?
I just live out in the coun-
try; we aren't exposed to the
broader taste of our times.
You'd think we were, living
in a district led down this
path by the sadistic Cantor,
only to be delivered to the
lunatic, Brat. But, no. We
don't get the nuances here.
Mostly sulfites, actually.

How about the part of rigging
the stab-in-the-back defense,
for losing? How about insist-
ing to his own protectors, he
has a right to defend himself
against a crying baby, parents
surviving a son's heroic death?
Man's threatened, he's entitled
to destroy himself on his own.

How about his boast of strap-
ping on his gun? Concealed
carry, eat your heart out.
But as Dr Strangelove point-
ed out, the whole idea of a
Doomsday Machine is to let
Besides, there's the pleasure
to consider, apart from honor.
Anyone up for waterboarding,
or the whole 9 yards of deep
interrogation of the soul?

If pressed, I'd have to go
with his principled stand on
his right to defend himself,
against any American who com-
plains. This, I really think,
is enough to disincline me to
nourish myself with his wine,
revelatory as it must be.

Surveying the entire palette
of what he offers to the pal-
ate, what could pair with it?
One could always ask his som-
meliers, Ryan and McConnell,
who proclaim how well he goes
with everything they want, the
In case one should want so much.

Stanley Kubrick
Terry Southern
Peter George, screenplay
Dr Strangelove, 
  or How I Learned ...

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