Thursday, August 4, 2016

They're sorting it out

If a man were forum shopping
today, to sort out the dis-
contents of 2016 in the West,
which portal would he select,
each one of them more immor-
tal than the next: Morgan,
at 23 Wall, enshrined in art
by Paul Strand in 1915; the 
clubs at Harvard, visited in
extremis at The Times earlier
in the week; or a mariner's
shelter from Attica, erected
at Agrigento, not far from the
streets where Herbert List saw
this debate, in real time.

Tell us who the litigants
are, to direct them to their proper court. If they are, as is common on life's docket, clamoring for resemblance, where could that case be heard, with the perspective to harbor their duality, balancing their dignity? A space to shelter doubt, tending to the broader justice. A sailor's.

Mary Lefkowitz
Andrew W. Mellon
  Professor, Classics
Wellesley College
Greek Gods, Human Lives
Yale University Press, 2003©

v  Herbert List
    Ostsee, 1933

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