Monday, August 1, 2016

Remember the Republicans?

Of course we do - and, as well
we should! Admittedly, like Re-
né Lacoste's merry crocodile,
they've changed hands and fac-
tories of origin so plentifully
now, it's a wonder when they
manage to devour a human right,
anymore. But we are, we promise,
we are going to discuss voting
rights, wherein they continue 
to strike such an ingeniously
exclusive profile. But, events
plague their mind, they sulk so
pitiably, it hardly seems sport-
ing to account for them today.

They've hoisted themselves a
candidate whose parody of the
crocodile has all but chomped
their beaten breast of its point.
He's taken their rapture in arch
patriotism and turned it into a
roster of blackballs. He's taken
their embodiment of bluster and
touted every dictator he can re-
member, from the self-effacing
privity of his tax returns.
To their mind, in short, he's
compromising the brand. But, no.

He enacts the crocodile's adap-
tive indifference to mentality.
Statistics of size foil hopes 
for his fidelity at every turn.
Pressures mount, to designate
an agile courier of reprimand.
Any moment, now, he's bound to
blurt out what everyone knows.
And then where shall they be?

Drew Hanley

Assouline Publishing

Maurice Prendergast
South Boston Pier

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