Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday commute cxxxi: Three alleys, off Montgomery

  Telegraph Hill is a glorious warren
  of alleys; I lived on two, at its
  pinnacle, Alta and Calhoun. But be-
  fore then, I found the Barbary Coast
  that lies below the peak, as it has
  begun its rise just north of the Pyr-
  amid, the block above Ernie's, which
  we all know from Vertigo. I didn't
  pursue an offer at Osgood, its center,
  one block north of Jackson Square, the
  block where Bill Stout placed his in-
  comparable architecture book store, on
  axis from Ferlinghetti's City Lights.

  Did I love it; it was an enclosed en-
  clave of little verdure and no Bay.
  It challenged me at the wrong time.
  It was conceived before the Fire, not
  far from the City's original battery:
  hence, "coast." It deserves the blue. 
  I would like to have settled with it,
  but this is not about regret. It's a
  way of lofting a kiss into the wind,
  a famished thing to do, to haul it 
  back upon the mind as cooling fog.

Farrow & Ball
Pitch Blue No. 220


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