Friday, January 20, 2017

It's a raid

    We do not greet a new administration
    in the intended, or even in the cus-
    tomary sense of that institutional
    term. There is to be nothing adminis-
    trative about it. We greet a sophis-
    ticated, advanced and implacable com-
    bination, to exploit this world by
    intimidation and humiliation, in bi-
    lateral axes of expediency and cynic-
    ism. That transposition fatally ex-
    tinguishes the lavish estate of com-
    mon ground, the magnanimous Mitch Mc-
    Connell opened to the only legitimate
    President in the last three regimes.

    There can be no purpose but resistance.
    This is the shelter, the rest for love.

Vojtech Kunes

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