Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Will nobody just swat this fly?

Hey, c'mon, guys, this is gettin' tiresome.
Our Great White Hope of Unbelievable Deals
is trashing the Atlantic Alliance, dismant-
ling the European Union, and selling Crimea
down the drain for an arms treaty its invad-
er is begging for, and he's not even on the
payroll yet. Or is he? He's telling his pals
to keep whatever they can grab, if they will
only stroke his fanny. Wow. That's original.

              Yo, Jefferson Davis. Take Fort Sumter.
              Let's create a brand new relationship. 

And the majority Party in Congress? Are we kidding each other, or are we noticing finally how
little it takes to bend them over, for his
signature on their bills of fantasies of ruining the nation, even if it costs the ancient trust
of the world where they plan to do business? 

Or are they so insulated by their rotten boroughs, they can hustle us for anything that lands in their pocket?

Meanwhile, over at The Times, David Brooks is letting his ostentation get the better of him again, with the suggestion of ignoring what the Pretender says, and studying only what [else] he may do which may be Presidential. Many have been tempted to this illusory escape from the vortex of his manipulations, forgetting what lovely wreckage a regime can wreak by mere PR. 

Too bad for that little hypothesis, that the Chancellor of Germany was compelled to take promptly to the microphones, to decry the instability of American credibility as of the publication of his latest use of words. 

ii       Robert McCabe

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