Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The West Bank and I

I realize, of course, snarks will
impugn my sincerity in this dis-
cussion, for an impudence of con-
fiding one's thoughts from the
dressing room. I remark from this
setting only to convey some sense
of the ubiquity of experience in-
vaded by one's pre-occupation,
with any risk of post-Occupation,
of such a casino-rich slash of
desert, simply seething for de-
velopment. But, again, I stray.
We are not Bugsy - er, I mean,
Benny - in making a living. We
use governments for wet work.
Now we're really getting one.

velopment of the West Bank - my in-
defatigable bankruptcy attorney -
is not that he knows who's butter-
ing his bread, but that he defers
to the next generation, as in hust-
ling my dearest flamingo past the
tacky scribes at Federal Court.

Oh, what selflessness! What Polon-
ial footing in the back stairs of 
a bondholder's intrigue. Fate must 
thus distill a conspicuous, ex- 
quisitely lingering unraveling of 
his reputation, as soon as it can 
be found, draped behind my promises.

ii   David Friedman, Esq.
      United States District Court
      New Jersey, 2010
      Bloomberg News©

William Shakespeare
  IV, iii

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