Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Beyond category

If I remember Ellington,
with whom this expression
is very fondly associated,
it's Billy Strayhorn who
comes to mind; if I honor
Martin Luther King, Jr, 
I'm not forgetting Bayard
Rustin; when I was a boy,
James Baldwin was writing
stories I needed to hear.

I'm glad as hell, I lived
in my time with such men.

   And to see,
   the weather
   fall upon a
   man's faith
   without any
   it expects,
   has been to
   acquire it. 
   We're here.


Damon Winter
  Barack Obama
  Glen Allen, Virginia
  October, 2008
The New York Times, 2008©

Giuseppe Verdi
  III, ii
  Va' pensiero


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