Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cosumnes River Preserve antagonizes the President

It has the impertinence to bear
protection by a Waters of the
United States rule of 2015, ap-
plying to unnavigable waters --
unknowable to the Constitution's
Commerce Clause, hence of no leg-
itimate national interest in the
ingenuity of Originalist claptrap.

Worse, obviously, it bears the
protection of executive action
based in irrefutably urgent fact,
by an African-American President.

California watershed. It is life-
giving, life-sustaining, and pre-
carious. The health and character
of every species sheltered in its
resource draw its benefits. Most 
infuriating, it is beautiful.

California Bureau of Land
Bob Wick

Juliet Eilperin and
  Abby Phillip
Trump to Direct Rollback
  of Obama Era Water Rule
The Washington Post
February 27, 2017©

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