Wednesday, March 1, 2017


The latest oration of the Great 
Innocent has left sufficient num-
bers of our betters in dark con-
fusion, to warrant an influx of
fresh air. Especially do the mes-
merised seem to have been captiv-
ated by a dark suit, a Yale tie
(and God knows, by what license),
and the poignant sight of a Gold
Star family being split on stage,
as proof positive of a remission
of sins, and auguries of a fol-
lowing wind.

Laurent is the surviving brother
of this sort of Naval officer, in
a disproof of command tactics re-
sulting in his "loss" by friendly
fire. Of course this is routine in
amphibious operations, the "risk"
our Great Innocent's mouthpiece
continuously presses to our ear,
as some hot air of famine for our

Yes. The State is now an endear-
ing sloop of our Great Innocent's
recreations, so that as a father
denounces any retreat behind the
destruction of his son, a widow
may be solicited to be his guest
at some Wagnerian apotheosis in 
the House of Ryan.

Who knew, who struck the fathoms
for the depths that he would go?

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