Thursday, March 2, 2017


   One morning she was woken by
   the thud of leather top boots
   on stone stairs, by scrambling,
   by oaths. Soon after, she heard
   something rattle the brickwork
   up her chimney, smelled the 
   burning. Before she knew it 
   was no more than a chimney fire,
   she was frightened but, when the
   other girls told her she stood
   at the door, an overcoat over
   her naked body. A fireman, black-
   ened by soot and water, smiled
   brilliantly at her as he came
   downstairs .. Ever since she'd
   had a soft spot for firemen.

John Constable
Seascape Study with
  Rain Cloud
Royal Academy, London

Henry Green
1905 - 1973
Chatto & Windus, 1943

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