Monday, February 27, 2017

We go home now x

The frost is gone from the meadow grass in the early mornings.
      Maybe, somewhere, the nymphs and graces are dancing ..

Undoubtedly, it is just as well
that the experience of the nat-
ural world has suggested to so
many people a sense of seeing
something a genius has position-
ed; it is just as well, because
some marvelously opened minds
have bent themselves to sharing
this impression, in works which
seem to me to show undying life
of their own. For me, a greater
pleasure for the senses in the
natural world is the impression
too, tasted it or felt it; and
then to go indoors, which is
to say, into this understanding, 
is to know the nymphs and graces
where they live.

David Ferry
  New and Selected Poems
  and Translations
  Odes I, iv
op. cit.

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