Thursday, February 2, 2017

In White America

The press are agog with adap-
tations to Bannon's position
at the center of the National
Security establishment. Still
they query, is this a polit-
ical intrusion, is this some
gesture of ostensibly confus-
ing shock and awe, or does a
darker specter lurk within
the mystery? 

When a historian-playwright
quit his professorship at
Princeton in the late 60s,
he didn't leave because he
was not permitted to bring
a collaborator to his under-
graduate seminar. He left
because they wouldn't let
him bring his therapist.

Now in this most defining-
ly toxic of Presidencies -
one can scarcely call it,
an administration - the
greater risk lies in de-
priving the patient of a
shepherding nod from the

Bannon has guided ruin 
and revulsion, on very
little action. Who's to
say his has not been a
staying hand, in usher-
ing in the fun guy he's
aided to delight us?

Martin Duberman
In White America

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