Friday, February 3, 2017

Make us a watchman iv: the test of torsion

Among the roughly several
dozen aspects of the dance
which intrigue us, torsion's
revelation of proportionality
in dynamics counts, one should
guess, high.

Backlighted by rectilinear
blocks of light and shadow
the model portrays a re-in-
terpretation of the tableau
as an orderly procession in
his own physical structure.

De Stijl gives us the rota-
tion of a square generating
an isosceles triangle with
each renewal of its scale.

Which is the more improbab-
le in nature, we sometimes
aren't inspired to ask, un-
til human conduct is put to
the same test; and then tor-
sion gives us the spectacle
of balance as a scrupulous
discipline. Time and again,
we respect it spontaneously.

Time and again, we almost
can't explain it, until we
see its absence, and a col-
lapse permits our gaze to
experience disappointment,

Some are now suggesting, a
strategy of the new Ameri-
can government is to compel
us not to watch. If so, it
has chosen the wrong stage.

Theo van Doesburg 
1883 - 1931

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