Sunday, January 29, 2017

Horror's perfect circle

  We all know people
  who thought, 
  He could not mean it.

  We all know people
  who thought,
  A little discipline
  can't hurt.

  We all know people
  who thought.

    One can't believe
    the continent was
    placed here for a
    brokerage of fear.

              A youth in Jakarta, orphaned by
              a Taliban terrorist bomb stands
              at the shuttered doors of those
              same United Nations, whom Nikki
              Haley now promises to teach the
              manners of bending to our will.

              An ancient writ, habeas corpus,
              deliver the body, inconvenience
              as it is, jams a snarling snare
              prefigured in the flab a spoilt
              child wears to show as muscled,
              his coterie flaunts to signify,
              their social climb is achieved.

              They make this place an asylum,
              they will not share. Still, new
              blood is offered, to redeem the
              ports we close to keep us free.
              Such is the energy of the hour,
              that fear is rinsed with tears,
              and resolution gathers, bodily.

              At last the great monstrosities
              that devoted our people to ter-
              ror as a way to shield ourself,
              release their foulest pendulum,
              Dorian Gray once hid, for this.

    I think Brexit's going to be a 
    wonderful thing for your country. 
    I think when it irons out, you're 
    gonna have your own identity and 
    you're going to have the people 

iv  Kemal Jufri
       Sardar Hussain, Jakarta
    January 28, 2017
    The New York Times©

v   Second Amendment Survivors
     Sandy Hook Elementary School
     December, 2012

President of the United States
Remarks to the Prime Minister
  of Great Britain
The White House
Washington, DC
January 27, 2017

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