Sunday, April 16, 2017

In defense of shock

I think the Easter message
of the vacant tent has the
suspense of expectation go-
ing for it without further
ado from here. Yet we tend
to dwell so much on the as-
pect of an evacuation that
we afford much less contem-
plation than is necessary,
to the discovery of a void.

Nor is this an occasion to 
dispute explanations. With
hope so high of occupancy,
why ignore its study, even
to invoke it as a standard
of amazement, as if aspir-
ations were only a mis-en-
scène? I'd prefer the real
weight to enjoy equal time
with sudden weightlessness.

Why deny a faith its roots
in a pile of human pulp at
the price of misconstruing
a dignity to exalt another?

Not that it matters, but I
do not see Homer, making a
mistake like that.


Adam Nicolson
The Mighty Dead
  Why Homer Matters
William Collins, 2014©

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