Thursday, April 20, 2017

Under a government

Under a government dominated by
hostility to science and led by
a scaremonger who toys fondly 
with the lie, that immunization 
causes autism, it is difficult
in this country to get the word
out, that April is Autism Aware-
ness Month. The newspapers are
awash this week with anecdotes
of cruelty to school children,
but tragically neglectful of
grounds for hope. Oxford Univ-
ersity Press has cited several
journal articles available on-
line, and there is hope that
other nations will step into
the moral position which ours
has vacated, even as everyone
of good will here resists the
constant purge of understand-
ing, collapse of self-control,
and self-inflicted incarcera-
sion in humane incompetence,
cultivated by our government.

Meanwhile, Paint it Blue is 
not just for elections anymore. 
It's for every day.

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