Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday commute cxl: With da Vinci

A convulsion rocks the world today,
in an uprising of a popular demand
our judgments. What does it mean as
thousands upon thousands will so
publicly confess their intellectual
curiosity, as to offer themselves in
the streets to protect their right
to demand discovery of fact, and its
application to the moral duty of any
government they accept upon the earth? 

That there is a foul concert of power 
against it, on a scale unprecedented
since Galileo. And at the center of
this, of course, we have the carnival
combining his nasty opportunistic de-
light in vengeance upon any illumina-
tion, with his compulsive devotion to

Where are we, then, but with da Vinci,
studying arm strands: art, advancing
medicine; medicine, advancing life;
life, advancing incentives and reward
for science; science, informing art.

Invariably, what they fear about us
is what we know about them. 

Take a look again, at why the strands 
converge with obvious resolution. To 
anchor their capability with fluency.

Take a look again, at why there is a
faith which insists that God became
man. It was surely not to deny fact,
but to exalt it.

There is the revolution, there is its
ingenious constitution. They're ours.

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