Monday, June 25, 2018

Leading from behind, revisited: Inspiring Europe

The opinion pages of The New York Times
are carrying a stirringly exciting mes-
sage today from Germany, for Americans
to savor by default. It turns out that
the consciously persistent undermining
of America's relationships with free
governments, the hallmark of this na-
lion's policies at home and abroad, is
free peoples that they are rallying to
their own defense, across Europe, in a
consciously resolved resistance to Am-
erican disturbance of their societies.

One can read this information with reg-
ret, or with the renewal of human hope
that it unambiguously is. If it takes
a continent that knows more than any, 
the horror of nativism and xenophobia
as the platform for the most vicious
internal misrule, to portray to this
country the means of escape, rejoice
in that irony as the purest kindness.

Jagoda Marinic
The New York Times
June 25, 2018©

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