Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Wreckage, quickly

It has been dazzling to notice the swiftness with which minority authoritarians have seized control of the American Government, and neutered its legislature with no more than a few bold, compacted strokes of blazingly candid betrayal of the country's systems of relationships, domestic and international. It was one thing, to see warnings from students of 20th Century fascism, of resemblances in our government with those seizures of power. It is another, to see our own practitioners reveling in lurid imitation. Mere days after yielding to the dictator of North Korea, the American President rejoiced in the trials of democratic Germany.

River Viiperi


  1. He and His "followers" are leading Me into a place
    I could not imagine ! then Jeff says The germans wanted
    to keep people in... to what end ? Humanities...

    1. Eumenides, Humanities; I suppose it's all in the accent. But, like you, I was enchanted by the American Attorney-General's staggering perception, that the Germans were hording their guests, whereas we'd build a hoarding for ours.