Saturday, June 23, 2018

Saturday commute clii: "We're sending them the hell back!"

    The character of a week can
    expose how porous the play-
    ful membrane of Saturday's
    conceits can be. The char-
    acter of this week was to
    reveal how little agreement
    we seem to possess, on what
    once her birth has been
    secured by statutory com-
    pulsion. Education? Pro-
    tection? Nourishment? Not
    particularly, even if we
    hold title to her for ap-
    portionment in Congress.

    exploit for places there.

    What part of this will stop
    at the border of a Saturday?

President of the United States
Duluth, Minnesota
June 20, 2018

ii  Kálmán Szöllösy
    ca 1935

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