Monday, June 18, 2018

Trump's terminus

Wagering parlors are fattening on
odds that the President indulges
a keen hope that his dismemberment
of families will shortly extort a
glossy border wall for him, while
also driving from his Cabinet his
universally detested Attorney Gen-
eral -- to be succeeded by a sim-
pering sycophant from the pages of
sadism's most cherished dreams.

At the same time, Father's Day week-
end in America saw a former director
of the CIA recalling those glory days
for us all, in the President's medium.
We see the rail terminus at Auschwitz-
Birkenau, in Poland, prototype for our
El Paso -- only one small step, for a
religiously clairvoyant Cabinet priest
to extol as the 'law' of Jesus Christ.

For surely we remember the Prophet on
the Escalator, on migratory sub-humans.
Our Shoah holds to a timely schedule.
What land could designate our children,
what law sort them, for our protection?

Patryk Tereszkiewicz

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