Friday, March 25, 2011

Come to think of it, how did he know?

A friend - not, alas, of our page - wrote in this week, asking how I liked the new toy. I asked him which one he meant; he said, I had discussed it here. 

Now it's a Friday,
in early Spring.
Would you narrow
it down any

iv, VL


  1. one of the best "mug-shots" in our blog-world!

  2. Don't you feel I should have reserved this image to illustrate a posting on Somerset Maugham's "Rain," Farrell's "Singapore Grip," or possibly an anthology of your reminiscences from almost anywhere? I rue the impulsive expenditure, Tassos, and so it means all the more, that you would not remark on its trivial application here. But you know how these Springtime sensations come over us all - and then there's the early budbreak, so exposed to the contingent frost. Did I pluck this mug from your rack, by the way? If so, I'd not do it without attribution; but to be reasonable, the Greek Brazilian Boy has so permeated the web that one honestly can't be sure where the saga is being studied.