Monday, March 21, 2011

Onward, Christan Payloads

Wasn’t this chastisement of the merciless to have been a No-Fly Zone? How wondrously the Kampuchean abbatoire metastasised in minutes, a Triple Entente of Jesus as rusty in its aim as its rationale, degrading a Muslim society’s capacity 

to reproduce itself, sustain its families, inherit the energy of its youth, and redeem the promise of its future. This is the Tuskeegee experiment in flying colours, the cynical calculus of the fish-in-a-rain-barrel school of Just Warfare we taught ourselves with the Seminoles, while sparing the rails to Auschwitz, Treblinka, and Theresienstadt. 

This is glory a redneck culture can understand, Red State porn at its ripest, rectitude rampant.

i,   Benghazi, Reuters, 2011
ii,  Basra, The New York Times, 2003
iii, Oscar, dancing, Hedi Slimane

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